Holiday Schedule and New Pic!

Hello pets and happy holidays! My personal Christmas schedule MIGHT be changing. If so, Daddy is going to be indulging quite a bit, stealing hearts and popping pussy all through the holiday season!!!

I have written up my schedule for you below.  I will confirm the day before for any day marked with "TBD". 

For my good little pets looking to make Daddy smile this season, check out my wishlist !!



Fri 22nd : 8am-12pm EST 

Sat 23rd : 8am-12pm EST 

Sun 24th : 8am-12pm EST (TBD)

Mon 25th : 8am-12pm EST (TBD)


Fri 29th : 8am-12pm EST 

Sat 30th : 8am-12pm EST 

Sun 1st : 8am-12pm EST 

Mon 2nd : 8am-12pm EST 


Photographer: Mikey Mongol

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